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What you need to join Google AdSense

Before you submitting your website to Google for the AdSense program make sure it fulfils most of the following prerequisites (if it doesn’t, it may be refused);
  • Make sure your site contains original and valid material, not disguised links, farm links or any suspicious material of that nature.
  • Ensure that each page has a <h1> headline and that the meta tags are properly configured.
  • Make certain that your website includes a site map.
  • Make sure that the navigation is clearly labelled and easy to use.
  • Avoid running other ads on your site.
  • Free hosts are generally unpopular with search engines so make sure a proper web host serves your site.
  • To get the best out of AdSense make sure your site contains a minimum of 15 pages, ideally you should be aiming on creating an informative, well researched site of more than 50 pages.
  • Make sure that the content material on your site is allowed by Google AdSense (see AdSense rules...)


AdSense review process

Remember that your site will be vetted by Google before it gets accepted for AdSense, so make sure that it complies with the rules. Don’t try to outsmart the screening process because you’ve heard that its automated. There is strong evidence to suggest that Google employers actually participate in the final stages of the review process. So be warned!

Signing up for AdSense

So after making sure that you have followed all the rules, you are ready to sign up for the program and join Google AdSense, what do you need for the final stages?
The signing up process is simple, but you still need to be a bit prepared. As well as all the basic information regarding yourself, you will also need:
  • The URL of your website
  • A valid email address
  • A password
A word of caution. It is important that all the requested fields are filled in correctly with authentic, valid information because Google will contact you with a PIN that will be sent to your given address, which will also be followed by an automated phone call to check out your home address.
If you fail these checks, you will not be paid.

Final AdSense check

After all these steps have been passed there is another secondary check of your site to see that it isn’t breaking any of their rules. This process is normally quick taking no longer than three working days. You will then receive an email of acceptance and you are given the ok to start using Google AdSense.

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