Minggu, 29 April 2012

New Glasses New Style

Do you have a problem with your vision? Or do you need glasses for style? If yes, you're lucky!
There are many style of glasses you can find on http://www.idooptical.com/. You can find glasses which you like, and order it online. The quality of products are best, the frames are buy from most established manufactures, and the lenses are precision crafted on your exact presciption by their laboratories.
It makes me love their products. I can find my favourite  glasses there, and I can improve my style with it. I became good looking with these glasses.
So, let's take your glasses for a new style! You'll never regret to buy the glasses there, the products are awesome.
You can visit it here : http://www.idooptical.com/

Senin, 23 April 2012

Wazzub : Earn $1,00 per referral free

No other company has ever provided 50% of all its earnings to those individuals who join at no cost and remain free. It has been in the creating since 2007 with more than $2,000,000 already invested.

Adf.ly BOT Download

Adf.ly is a URL shortening service which provides you money to short your long URL’s, the process for shortening is really simple you short you’re your URL by going to their website and then share your links with your friends the more you share the more you earn.
So today we have a great BOT Tool which will automate your clicks process hence getting your more clicks and enabling you to earn more money.
This BOT automatically opens your link and then click them to get your more money.

Requirements .:

  1. Proxy lists if you're going to use proxy (which is most likely)
  2. Net Frame (latest version I guess)
  3. Good computer/laptop
  4. Adf.ly account (If you don't have any yet, sign up at Adf.ly - The URL shortening service that pays you!)

How to use it .:

Increase Adf.ly Clicks with Adf.ly BOT Download1. Open it up
2. Right click and click "Add Link"
3. Copy the adf.ly link and paste
4. Add more links if you want.
5. Check the box to enable proxy if you're going to use proxy
6. Load proxy lists if you're going to use proxy
7. Right click and click Start

Neobux Earning Trick

1. NeoBux Background

Before we start discussing about the NeoBux Tips and Tricks strategy, let us briefly discuss what is NeoBux really about. NeoBux is an innovative modern PTC (Paid To Click) website, and this is not the PTC site you used to know. Unlike many other PTC sites, NeoBux goal is to innovate and reach the needs of our users as well as our advertisers.
NeoBux site is completely designed from scratch because, as users of other PTC sites NeoBux were sure that, besides many other offers, none could give us what we wanted as users or advertisers.
NeoBux for sure is the innovation in PTC that you can actually make some money. You get paid by clicking on advertisers' Ads, typically $0.01 per Click. It doesn't sound like a lot, but if you employ a good strategy, particularly with the magic of "NeoBux Rent Referral", you will be in an auto-pilot state collecting money 24/7. You can easily make up to $9,000 per year extra money with NeoBux.

And because rent-a-ref is such a unique and important feature, most of NeoBux Tips and Tricks strategies are essentially related to how you deal with referrals renting.

2. NeoBux Tips and Tricks Strategy for Standard Member

If you are good at convincing people or if you have big community network to join NeoBux under your referral name, you can enjoy some nice earning in NeoBux as a standard member. Otherwise, it is very hard for standard members to make real meaningful money. "How about renting referrals?" You may ask. Sorry to tell you, it is not profitable to rent referrals as a standard member. You have to keep your AVG (average clicks per day per ref) above 2.0 to make a profit. Otherwise, you could probably even lose money. Why? The reason is simple, you only get 50% earning from your referrals.

For the purpose of discussion, let us assume you paid $30 for 100 referrals, so each referral costs you $3 per month. The referral has to click 60 ads (2 clicks per day) just for you to break even.

Your Earning = 2*30*$0.01*50% = $3
your profit = $3- $3 = $0

Is it possible to rent hard-working referrals to keep AVG above 2, 3, or 4? Yes, it is possible, only if you are very lucky and rent only a few referrals. If you try to rent more than 50 referrals, then statistics rules, that is, an AVG of 1.5 to 2.0.

My recommendation is, don't even try to rent a large number of referrals if you are a standard member. However, this is the tricky part, you probably need to rent a certain number of referrals (200 -300) before you upgrade to Gold membership soon because it is easier to rent as a standard member than a gold member.

3. NeoBux Tips and Tricks Strategy for Gold Member

Gold member, on the other hand, requires lower average number of clicks (AVG) from referrals to break even. So if the AVG is above 1.0, you are basically in profit already. Lot of people may have written about NeoBux on internet. Some showed their payment proof, some showed the basics of NeoBux, and very few explained the details how they made money with NeoBux, particulaily using the referral renting feature. What I am going to show you is the step by step implementation of a good and scientific sound NeoBux Tips and Tricks Strategy. The banner above shows my current earning, it is not a whole lot now, but it matches closely to the earning schedule below, and I encourage you check back frequently to see how it goes.

Earning Simulation for NeoBux Gold Member

Click to enlarge Image

NeoBux Earning Simulation given in Bar Chart for Gold Membership

Click to enlarge Image
The table and figure above are the simulation of earning week by week for the first 20 weeks. It seems a little complicated, but it is actually quite simple when you follow the explanation step by step below.

4. NeoBux Referral Renting Step by Step Implementation

Week 1 - First you will need to create a Paypal account to pay as mentioned below

So let's start : Most you are not familiar with earnings with paid to click. That's why I want to show you my step-by-step guide (that won't be very hard for you, but it will be I have an video guide to show you)

Manual Steps To Complete :
Step 1 : Register a PayPal or AlertPay account

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Step 2 :
Download FireFox
Step 3 : Create a new Gmail Account (for your Security Aspect)

Step 4 : Take a look at the best websites that pay you to click (located below, make sure you read the reviews of all websites to register at)

Rent 100 referrals, NeoBux charges $25/month$6.25/week) for 100 rented referrals. Although you can start FREE to accumulate your earning to rent referrals, putting a small amount of money will accelerate the process a lot, and your earning will be much more than your investment pretty soon. Statistically, the number of clicks for a referral is 1.5 per day, so
Week 1 Earning =100*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 4*7*0.01 (self clicks)=$10.8
Cost = $25 (rent 100 referrals)

Week 2 - Rent another 100 Referrals, so
Week 2 Earning = 200*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 4*7*0.01 (self clicks) = $21.3
Cost = $25 (rent 100 referrals) + $11.3 (referral renewal) + 1.6 (recycling) = $37.9

(1). You can only register as Standard Membership for the first couple of weeks, and the earning is $0.005/click for referrals (We simplied the calculate here using $0.01 for the first two weeks).
(2). NeoBux has an "Autopay" feature for rent referral renewal with 10% discount and assume 25% of the referrals will be renewed. i.e., so weekly renewal cost = 200*25%($25/100)*0.9 = $11.3
(3) Assume 10% recycling rate, i.e., 10% of referrals will be recycled each week, the recycling cost = 200*10%*0.08= $1.6

Week 3 - Rent another 100 Referrals, and upgrade to Golden Membership for $90 per year. This is highly recommended because you will earn $0.01 per click for your referrals to double your earning. So,
Week 3 Earning = 300*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 10*7*0.01 (self clicks) = $32.2
Cost = $25 (rent new 100 referrals) + $16.9 (rent renewal) + $2.4 (recycling) + $90 (membership) = $134.3

In the following weeks, you repeat the same thing adding 100 referrals every week. You can reinvest the earning to rent referrals. Of course, you need to spend 10-20 minutes a day to click a few Ads; otherwise the earnings from referrals will not be credited to your account. You can refer to the table and figure above for the earning and cost for each weeks. Please also note that you will need around $150 initial investment to get started to accelerate the earning.

Week 20 - By now, you should have reached the 2000 referrals limit by reinvesting what you have earned to rent more referrals every week.

Week 20 Earning = 2000*1.5*7*0.01 (Refs clicks) + 10*7*0.01 (Self Clicks) = $210.7
Cost = $25 (rent new 100 referrals) + $112.5 (rent renewal) + $16 (recycling) = $153.5
Profit = $210.7 - $153.5 = $57.2

From this point on, the earning and cost will be stabilized, because you have reached the 2000 rented referrals limit. Since you can't buy new referrals any more, your cost will be only for referral renewal and recycling, which is $112.5 (rent renewal) + $16 (recycling) = $128.5. Your earning will still be $210.7 per week (same as week 20). Therefore, your weekly profit becomes $210.7 - $128.5 = $82.2 per week, or $356 per month! That doesn't sound too bad, right?

5. NeoBux Tips and Tricks Strategy for Ultimate Member

It gets harder and harder these days to rent referrals because more and more people are fighting for referrals. The referrals can be easily rented out even one minute after the clock because so many people out there are trying to rent the referrals. You snooze, you lose.

As an alternative, I paid another $890 to upgrade to Ultimate Pack because I have a full-time job and I want to spend less time on this. However, the money spent should pay off fairly quickly. It guarantees that the rented referrals are delivered to you on time and on a accelerated rate, which is 200 rent referrals every 4 days, or approximately 300 referrals per week! Once you reach the maximum 4,000 rented referrals for Ultimate Pack, you can earn as much as $177 per week profit, or $9,200 a year! See Table 2 and Figure 2 below. I will explain the cost and earning for week 20 as an example.

Week 20 Earning = 4,000*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 15*7*0.02 (self clicks) = $422.1
Week 20 Cost = 4,000*25%*$0.25*90% (referral renewal) + 4,000*10%*$0.05 = $245
Profit = $ 422.1 - $ 245 = $177.1 per week, or $767 per month

Again, the assumptions are:

a. 1.5 average clicks per referral per day (AVG)
b. 25% referrals are renewed every week, or all 4,000 are renewed every month.
c. 10% referrals are recycled every week, or 40% of all referrals are recycled every month.
d. Autopay is turned on to get 10% discount on referral renewal.

If you want to want to try different assumptions, plug your numbers into the number equations above to get an idea. It is impossible for me to present all the scenarios in this article here.

In summary, the NeoBux Tips and Tricks strategy for Ultimate Members is not a whole lot different than that for gold members. It wins because it has larger number of referrals which are basically your working force. No selling here, I have to mention that NeoBux provides a lot of nice features for ultimate members to reduce the cost for account maintenance, such as 7 days for free recycling, discounted rate for recycling, discounted rate for referral renting, 30 days of vacation mode etc. You got what you paid for, right?

Earning Simulation for NeoBux Ultimate Member (Table)
Click to enlarge Image
Earning Simulation for NeoBux Ultimate Member (Figure)
Click to enlarge Image

What are you waiting for? My referrals are busy clicking and earning money for me while I am working, jogging, or sleeping. If you don't feel comfortable putting money in first, then work your way up from the free standard membership until you earn enough to upgrade. Realizing there are other factors leading to your success with NeoBux, I hope this NeoBux money making strategy discussed here can at least give you some brief reference to set up a reasonable expectation.



Minggu, 22 April 2012

AWSurveys Review

AWSurveys is a new get paid to take surveys site that's stirring up quite a bit of controversy.  The company bills itself as a new survey experience and claims to have over 2 million survey takers in their database.  So why is AW Surveys causing such a stir and how come people insist it's a scam?
When you first sign up with AWSurveys.com you'll find all the qualities of a legitimate survey site.  In fact they have a series of welcome surveys that are quick and easy to take and will generate you approximately $27 in a short time.
This seems like a great deal, however most users report that once they reach that $27 mark they begin to notice a serious decline in new and high quality surveys.  This is critical as AWSurveys has a payout threshold of $75.  This means that if you want your money you'll have to focus on referring new members to AW Surveys, earning $1.25 per confirmed signup, until you reach $75.
This is one of the reasons this company has managed to generate such a massive membership in a short time.  Another thing to keep in mind is that if you use PayPal to cash out from AWSurveys you'll be charged a $25 processing fee lowering your first payment to only $50.
So is AWSurveys.com a Scam?
If the previously mentioned faults where the only problems then I would say no but there are more serious allegations against AW Surveys.  Some members have reported that AW refused to pay them for their completed surveys and referrals.
AWSurveys sends notifications that accounts are closed due to a violation of their terms of service.  Simply, they are alleging that these users have signed up fraudulent accounts and are trying to game the system.
Now, this is actually a genuine problem that AW Surveys and other survey companies face.  In fact while researching information about AW I came across many websites claiming to show you how to hack AWSurveys and get payments out of them without doing any work.
The problem is that often times innocent people get caught up in these safety measures and have their accounts terminated for no reason.
In the end, I would approach AWSurveys with caution, there're enough complaints about them that it might be best to pass on this opportunity.  If you're looking for legitimate survey companies take a look at our top rated Free Paid Online Surveys.

Source : http://www.reviewopedia.com/awsurveys.com-scam.htm

What you need to join Google AdSense

Before you submitting your website to Google for the AdSense program make sure it fulfils most of the following prerequisites (if it doesn’t, it may be refused);
  • Make sure your site contains original and valid material, not disguised links, farm links or any suspicious material of that nature.
  • Ensure that each page has a <h1> headline and that the meta tags are properly configured.
  • Make certain that your website includes a site map.
  • Make sure that the navigation is clearly labelled and easy to use.
  • Avoid running other ads on your site.
  • Free hosts are generally unpopular with search engines so make sure a proper web host serves your site.
  • To get the best out of AdSense make sure your site contains a minimum of 15 pages, ideally you should be aiming on creating an informative, well researched site of more than 50 pages.
  • Make sure that the content material on your site is allowed by Google AdSense (see AdSense rules...)


AdSense review process

Remember that your site will be vetted by Google before it gets accepted for AdSense, so make sure that it complies with the rules. Don’t try to outsmart the screening process because you’ve heard that its automated. There is strong evidence to suggest that Google employers actually participate in the final stages of the review process. So be warned!

Signing up for AdSense

So after making sure that you have followed all the rules, you are ready to sign up for the program and join Google AdSense, what do you need for the final stages?
The signing up process is simple, but you still need to be a bit prepared. As well as all the basic information regarding yourself, you will also need:
  • The URL of your website
  • A valid email address
  • A password
A word of caution. It is important that all the requested fields are filled in correctly with authentic, valid information because Google will contact you with a PIN that will be sent to your given address, which will also be followed by an automated phone call to check out your home address.
If you fail these checks, you will not be paid.

Final AdSense check

After all these steps have been passed there is another secondary check of your site to see that it isn’t breaking any of their rules. This process is normally quick taking no longer than three working days. You will then receive an email of acceptance and you are given the ok to start using Google AdSense.

Scam Sites List

A site will go on this list if it is:

* not paying,
* too many complaints and negative comments are found
* unstable (comes and goes)
* abandonment (owner disappears from the forum)
* ties with or is owned by a previous scammer (history of scamming people)
* or it is being deceiving and is "too good to be true" (ex: paying $100.00 per ad!)

Scam List (note: we do not have all sites up yet. We are working on them as we go)
You need to click on the link to see more info about the site. This is not just a list.
Hint: Use CTRL + F to help you look through this list.

1. 1-usd-mail.com
2. 3-dollar-mail.com
3. 10-cash.com
4. 20-euro-mail.com
5. 2008mails.com
6. 100euro-mail.com
7. 200EuroMails.net
8. 247payouts.com
9. 400DollarsDaily.info
10. 10bux.net
11. 10centcashoutptc.com
12. 10dollar-mail.com
13. 10euro-mail.com
14. 50centMails.com
15. 1cent-mail.com
16. 1centemails (1centemails.com) - not to be confused with 1 cent email
17. 1dollarptc.com
18. 5cash.info
19. 4realptc.info
20. 7heavenptc.com
21. A.W. Surveys
22. A-n-cash.com
23. Adbux.org
24. Adflasher.net
25. Afferinte.com
26. Andreamails.com
27. Ads-Earn.com
28. Adventures4U.com
29. AeroBux.com
30. Aglocomails.com
31. AngelBux (angelbux.com)
32. ArClicks.com
33. Aria PTC (ariaptc.com)
34. AstroBux.com
35. At-Mails.com
36. Atbux (atbux.com) (closed)
37. Athome-cash.com
38. AutoEx.org
39. Autopayouts.com
40. B-u-x.net
41. Babalac.com
42. Bank-ptr.com
43. BankoMails.com
44. BadefeisPTC.info
45. BeachBux.net
46. Beachptc.com
47. BeanyBux.com
48. Bear-mails.com
49. BeaverBux.com
50. Best-Mails.com
51. BestBux (bestbux.info)
52. BestDollarClicks.com
53. BetaBux.com (closed)
54. Big Money PTC (bigmoneyptc.com)
55. Bigptc.tk
56. Billionaireptc.com
57. Birdmails.com
58. BlackEarn (blackearn.com)
59. BoBoMails.com
60. Boffopaidmail.com
61. Boodaq.com
62. BoonBux.com
63. BpBux.com (closed)
64. BraveBux.com
65. BriteBux (britebux.com)
66. Business-PTR.com
67. Bux-gr.com
68. Bux-Service.com
69. Buxcorp (buxcorp.com)
70. buxforyou.com (closed)
71. Bux.gs
72. Bux.io
73. Bux.LT (bux.xz.lt)
74. Bux.to
75. Bux-7ven.com
76. Bux3.com
77. BuxCashy.com
78. BuxChristmas.com
79. BuxExtra.com
80. BuxFirst.com (closed)
81. BuxHunter.com (closed)
82. BuxNew.com
83. Buxokk.com (closed)
84. BuxPTR.com
85. BuxWiz.com
86. Camel-mails.com
87. Cash4clickingptc.com
88. Cash4Clicks.org
89. Cashfiesta.com
90. Cashflowmails.com
91. Cashnbux.com
92. Cashmails.biz
93. Cashmails.org
94. Cashmailz.com
95. Cashmedia.biz
96. Cashmoneyemail.com
97. Cashmybux.com
98. CashTreePTC.com
99. Casino-PTR.com
100. Charm-mail.com
101. Cherry-Mails.com
102. Chobitsmails.net
103. Clickforabuck.com
104. ClickMyBux.com
105. Clix.vc
106. Clix-P.com
107. ClixP.com
108. ClixnCash.com
109. Cloud-mails.com
110. Cloudy-mails.com
111. CloudBux.com
112. Club4You.net
113. Cobebizs.com
114. CobyBux.com
115. Colph.com
116. Comfortableincome.net
117. Cooperativemail.com
118. CreativeMails.biz
119. CuteBux.com
120. Depacco.com
121. Diamond-bizs.com
122. Diamond-PTR.com
123. DingoBux
124. Discoclicks.com
125. Disney-mails.com
126. Dreamails.com
127. E-MailPaysU.com
128. Eagle-Mails.com
129. Earn-USD.biz
130. EarnMyBux.com
131. Earthptr.com
132. EasyCashPTC.com
133. Elephant-Mails.com
134. ElitePTC.com
135. EnRich PTC (enrichptc.com)
136. E-mailptr.com
137. Epaisa.pk
138. Esooe.com
139. Essential PTR (essentialptr.com)
140. Euro-Emails.com
141. EuroTradeMails.com
142. EvernityRewards (evernity.com)
143. Exceedmargin.com
144. Exclusivemails.net
145. expert-mails.com
146. Expertmails.net
147. EziHippo (ezihippo.com) (closed)
148. Ezlaptop.com
149. FastCarPTC.com
150. Fast Money 24 (fastmoney24.com)
151. Fatmoneyptc.com
152. FillBux.com
153. FiloBux (filobux.com)
154. FinancialFreedomAds.com
155. FinePTC.com
156. Fire-Mails.com
157. Flamemails.com
158. FlashBux.com
159. Fly-field.com
160. Flybizs.com
161. Foggy-mails.com
162. Forex-cashbux.com
163. Foundmails.com
164. Freedom-mails.com
165. Fromhomedataentry.com
166. Future-PTR.com
167. Gainpay.org
168. GammaBux.com
169. Gardenoflinks.com
170. GeniusPTR.com
171. Get-UMoney.com
172. GetDailyPaid.com
173. GetRefMails.com
174. GetRichPTC.com
175. Getrichptr.com
176. Get-umoney.com
177. Giga-Mails.com - Very sad personal stories and comments about this one
178. Gkcash.com
179. GlobalPTR.com
180. GodBux.com (closed)
181. Godrestyemerrygentlemenptc.info
182. Goldbizs.com
183. Goldcash247.com
184. GoldenQuarters.com
185. Google-Bux (googlenow.info)
186. GrandPTC.com
187. Green Horse
188. GTSBux.com
189. Halloweenptc.info
190. HawkinsBux.com
191. Hellish Dollars (hellishdollars.com)
192. Herecomessantaclausptc.info
193. Hide4dz.biz
194. HighBux.Biz
195. HighCashBonus.com
196. HitzMagic
197. Honestclicks.info
198. HooBux.com
199. Hugeptc.com
200. Hulk-mails.com
201. HyBux.com
202. Ibux.eu
203. Incomeptr.com
204. InfiniteBux (infinitebux.com) (closed)
205. Insane Cricket (insanecricket.com)
206. Instant-PTC-Cash.com
207. InstantlyPTC.com
208. InstantPTR (instantptr.com)
209. InterAdMedia.com
210. Ippomails.net
211. IsabelMarco's Money Maker (isabelmarco.com)
212. Itcameuponthemidnightclearptc.info
213. Jackmails.com
214. Jaysu.com - (closed), went down before we could review it
215. JesusBux.com
216. Jobptc.com
217. JokerBux (closed)
218. JustBux.com
219. KazarianGPT.com
220. Key-Mails.com
221. Kinderbux.com
222. King-mails.com
223. Lawyer-mails.com
224. Leadmails.com
225. Legend-mails.com
226. LevinClix.com
227. Link2Communion.com
228. LolliPopMails.com
229. Loving-Mail.com
230. MagicalMails.com
231. mailsmoney.net
232. Main-Bux.com
233. MakeMyBux.com
234. MassivePTR.com
235. MaystroMails.net
236. Mecbux.com
237. MegaBuxx.com
238. Mega Cash Zone (megacashzone.com)
239. Mic-Promotion.com
240. MillionaireBux.com
241. MixBux.com
242. MNMBux (mnmbux.com)
243. Moneyems.com
244. Moneytrainptc.com
245. Moonpaid.com
246. mybestpornobux- complaints about scam, we don't review porn, go here to read comment.
247. Mystery Clickers (MysteryClickers.com)
248. NacBux.com
249. NeatBux.com
250. NeoPays.com
251. NoMinCashout.com
252. NoMinimumBux.com
253. Ocean-Mails.com
254. Ochristmastreeptc.info
255. OmniBux.com
256. OnABux.com
257. Onedollarptc.com
258. OppoMails.com
259. Paid-Bux.info
260. PaidClicks.WS
261. PaidForFree.com
262. Paidstation.com
263. Papillon-clicks.com
264. ParadiseClicks.com
265. Paradiseclicks.info
266. PayDayPTC.com
267. Payee.me
268. PayingClub.com
269. PayingPTR.com
270. Payooclub.com
271. Paypay-mails.com
272. Pcash.info
273. PegasusPTR.com
274. PerfectPTR.com
275. PerformanceBux (performancebux.com)
276. PerformancePTC.com
277. Phoenixcash.info
278. Planetmails.com
279. Pleasant-Mails.com
280. Pocket Favorite (pocketfavorite.com)
281. PogoMails.com
282. Power-mails.net
283. Power4Bux.com
284. Profitmorebux.com
285. Project-Bux.com
286. ProMails.org
287. ProperPTR.com
288. ProsperousBoom.com
289. Ptcbiz.com
290. Ptcbonus.com
291. PTCNinja.com
292. Ptcrush.com
293. PTCSense.com
294. Ptcshare.com
295. PTC WALLET (ptcwallet.com)
296. PTR-Business.com
297. Pumpkin-Mails.com
298. QualityBux.com
299. Quickcashptc.com
300. QubeCash.com
301. RaiBux.com
302. Rainpaid.com
303. Rainy-mails.com
304. Rapidobux.com (closed)
305. Read2Money
306. RealDataEntry.net
307. RealMoneyCompany.com
308. Redclub-cash.com
309. ReoBux.com
310. RevolutionBux
311. Richestmail.com
312. Richestmails.net
313. Richptc.com
314. RichPTR.info
315. Richptr.net
316. RingMails.com
317. Rolex-mails.com
318. RustBux.com
319. SaladMails.com
320. Salary-mails.com
321. Salemails.com
322. SapphireBux.com
323. Saturn-mails.com
324. Scopebux.com
325. ShareTheBux.com
326. ShortBux.com
327. Show-sales.com
328. SmurfsPTR.com
329. Snowy-mails.com
330. StableBux.com (closed)
331. StablePTR.com
332. SteadyMails.com
333. Stock-mails.com
334. StockBux.com
335. StormOfTraffic.com
336. Superpaybyemail.com
337. SurfJunky.com
338. Sweetdealsemail.net
339. SweetPTR.com
340. SweetsMails.com
341. Tea-Mails.com
342. Tendollarclick.com
343. Thanksgivingptc.info
344. Thebestptcintown.com
345. TickerBar.info
346. Timelessearn.com
347. TrafficNowFire.com
348. Ts-Mails.com
349. TuePaid.com
350. TuiBux.com (closed)
351. Turquads.net
352. Twodollarptc.com
353. UltraBux.com
354. Universe-Mails.com
355. USA-Bux.com
356. Usd-ad.com
357. Usdcenter.com
358. UtilBux.com
359. Valuebux (Valuebux.com)
360. Vibrantvitalities.com
361. Vinefire (vinefire.com)
362. Visit4Cash (visit4cash.net)
363. Vitaraptr.com
364. VuBux.com
365. WaoIndia (waoIndia.com)
366. WaveBux.com
367. WavuBux.com
368. WealthyPTR (wealthyPTR.com)
369. Webcamcashmails.com
370. WebMoney247.com
371. Western-Mails.com
372. WishingWellPTC.info
373. Wonderful-Mails.com
374. World-mails.com
375. WorldsPTR.com
376. Worldwide-mails.com
377. WorldWidePTC.com
378. WuBux.com
379. XeonBux.com
380. Yippeemails.com
381. YooBux.com
382. YourBestBux.com
383. YourMyBux.com

Top 10 PTC site


Pay per Ad 0.001$ to 0.005$
Min Cashout 7.99$
Wait Time 30 business days
Payout by Paypal
Ads +/- 30
Referrals 1 Level, up to 0.003$
Online since May 2008
BuxP is absolutely one of the best PTC of the web in this moment, online and paying for over 3 years, since May 2008. You can earn with paid to click, earn completing surveys and from your referrals.

There is also the possibility to earn SP (survey points) joining other websites, trial offers, free offers or purchase offers; those SP could be converted in lottery tickets, referrals, member visits and Premium Membership. t's very easy to earn prizes this way. consider that there are some inscriptions to other websites that make you earn anough SP to be exchanged for a new referral for your downline

Everyday around 30 ads from 5 to 45 seconds that make you earn 0.04-0.05$ for day in few seconds but the good is that there is no limit on how many referrals you can have. Having referrals is always the best way to earn with the pay to click system. Pay attention to the links because there is always a special anti-cheat link that, if clicked, reset the account balance to zero; but don't worry because it's made very visible so it's very hard to go wrong.

Other positive fact is that the website have a forum where the member can post payment proofs, ask for support or be updated on changes or promotions on the site. The staff communicate also by the official blog and Twitter.

The upgrade to Premium Membership for 1 year cost 49.99$ and give 5 referrals, a minimum of 50 Ads for day, possibility to get paid instantly by Paypal, earn up to 0.01$ for click and 0.004 for the click of the referrals and many other things.


Pay per Ad 0.001$ to 0.02$
Min Cashout 10$ (Fees!)
Wait Time Every mondays
Payout by Paypal
Liberty Reserve
Ads +/- 20
Referrals 1 Level, up to 0.005$
Online since Febraury 2007
Clixsense is one the oldest pay to click still alive. It's online since the Febraury 2007 and it's still one of the best PTC of the web, the actual version was made on March 2011.

Everyday it offers around 20 ads ( they are geo-targeted so the number of daily ads will vary depending of the country of the member), the most are 0.001$ but also the standard members will find ads for 0.01$ or more. The ads are from 3 seconds to 60 seconds and you need to keep on focus the ads to get credit, it could be a little problem for who use many ptc.

They have a nice game called "ClixGrid" where members have 25 chances (50 changes for premium users) to win up to 5$ daily, they need only to click on a grid of 30x20 ads and find the winning ones.

For who want to earn more using the referrals there is a good news: there is no referrals limit, even for standard members!!!

At the moment their forum is still under contruction, members communicate with the staff opening tickets for support. Anyway with more than 1.6 Millions of members, more than 1.500.000$ paid, you'll find informations about Clixsense everywhere in the web, in the PTC forums or on their facebook page.

The minimum for cashout is 10$ and there are some fees to pay for every kind of payment, in this way Clixsense pay for the commission of Paypal, AlertPay and so on.

The upgrade to premium cost only 14.95$ for 1 year and give double of earning on the referrals clicks, double of chances to win to ClixGrid and more ads for day.


Pay per Ad 0.001$ to 0.015$
Min Cashout 2$
Wait Time Instant
Payout by Paypal
Ads +/- 15
Referrals 1 Level, up to 0.0005$
Online since April 2008
Everyone that is in the PTC world will know surely Neobux, one the most important and old PTC of the web, online since April 2008 and always paying. The proofs of the payments can be found everywhere in the web or in their official forum where you can find also support in the most important languages.

The professionalism and seriousness of this site is also evident due to the presence of the Instant Payment (that every PTC should have, it's really great!) and the DDoS Protection (that is very expesive and only few website have for protect their data from the DDoS hackers attacks).

There are some limit for the referrals: first of all for have the first referral you must wait to be registered since 30 days and have at least 100 clicks. After this you can have a maximum of 30 referrals, but this limit grow every 4 days for standard member. For example if you have been a member for 5 months, 150 days, so 120 days after the first month you can have 120/4= 30 referrals + 30 referrals for the first month = 60 referrals. Maybe it's not perfect but it's not a big limit.

For each ads clicked you earn also a NeoPoint that can be used to purchase other services without use money, for example increase the limit of referrals (500 NP) or 1 year of Golden membership (30000 NP). The upgrade to Golden cost 90$ for one year and give more ads, more money from your click and your referrals commissions, higher referral limit.


Pay per Ad 0.003$
Min Cashout 5$
Wait Time 24h
Payout by Paypal
Ads +/- 6
Referrals 1 Level, 30%
Online since August 2006
Since 2006 LinkGrand is still a very good PTC, always on time with their payment. Every ads give 0.003$ and it's very fast, 10 seconds. Every day there are from 2 to 10 ads to click. It seems not too much but there are other way to earn.

First of all is earning by referrals, it give 30% of every click your referrals do, it means almost 0.001$ for ads clicked. Second way is to click the special Billboard advertisements, every click on this links give a Billboard Token that are like lottery card; every month there are 2 winners that will share the Billboard jackpot.

Once you have earned 5$ you can ask for the payout, it needs only 24 hours and you must have a validated Paypal account.

The good of this website is absolutely the Premium upgrade, it's really cheap and better chance to earn than the regular members. The cost is only 2$ for 4 months, 10$ for 2 years and 20$ lifetime; really cheap compared to the other website upgrades. Being upgraded means receive more ads for day that regular members will not have, on these links you will earn the double (so 0.006$ for ads); receive a mail everytime a new link is available and be updated on the website by email before than not-upgraded members. really good!


Pay per Ad 0.001$ to 0.01$
Min Cashout 10$ (Fees!)
Wait Time Instant
Payout by Paypal
Ads +/- 7
Referrals 1 Level
Online since October 2003
This is a very historical webiste in the world of the PTC, Wordlinx is online since 2003, 8 years ago, and it's still alive. This make it as one of the most sure PTC website on payments and reliability; even if in the PTCs the words "safe" and "reliable" don't exist.

Every day you will find a variable number of ads, usually from 5 to 10 for day, some of them are 0.01$ for 30 seconds ads but the most are 0.001$ for 5 seconds ads. The ads will be shown throughout the day, this mean that is better to visit the website more time for day for check for new ads.

There is a special bonus that you to arrive to the 10$ cashout, 0.15$ for standard members and 0.45$ for Pro members. The earning on the referrals are few, only 3% for standard members, but upgrading to Verified status, with only 10$ per year, you can start earn 10% from referrals and get access to special upgraded members that will make you earn much more.

As always there is the possibility to buy active unreferred members that will become your referrals, the cost for 100 referrals is 20$, not so bad considering that you can contact the website if you find inactive referrals and they will replace them with active members.

For every kind of support you need, this website has a forum, a blog, and peronal pages on facebook and twitter for be updated.


Pay per Ad 0.004$ to 0.01$
Min Cashout 4$
Wait Time 72h - 7 days
Payout by AlertPay
Ads +/- 5
Referrals 1 Level
Online since December 2008
BuxMatrix is not a normal bux, it's online since 3 years and it's still online. It offer a variable numbers of click, standard members have usually 5 ads, upgraded member have 10 ads; every click is without check code, just a countdown, and it's very fast.

More than 126.000 members and almost 150.000$ paid, great numbers that show BuxMatrix is a very good PTC.

The upgrade of the only Bux cost 48$ for one year give more ads to click everyday, more earning on the click and on the referrals.

It is very good to upgrade for who have many referrals and want to earn more, expecially in this website, because here more referrals you have and less you will earn. It's strange, but until 20 referrals you get 0.002$ for click, from 20 up to 100 ref you get 0.001$ for click, from 100 to 500 ref you get 0.0005$ and over 500 ref only 0.0003$ for click. That's why upgrade, because with this you will get much more, respectively 0.005$, 0.004$, 0.003$ and 0.002$, pratically more than 6 times if you have more than 100 referrals.

Payment on this website are continuing even if you will not find a real support on their forum, it's clear that the forum is dedicated only to members even if the moderators answer all the questions the admins can be contacted only by ticket support.

Pay per Ad 0.001$ to 0.005$
Min Cashout 1$
Wait Time 7 days
Payout by PayPal
Ads +/- 20
Referrals 1 Level
Online since August 2007
Clicksia is one of the best ptc we found in the web, almost 400.000 members, the owner manage also other ptcs, always paying and reliable.

This PTC have all for who want to earn by internet: good earnings, low and fast payout, unlimited referrals and reliability. The support forum can be found on emoneyspace.com that is managed from the owner as the other ptc Incentria.

Let's look in detail: fast and low payout to 1$ in 7 business days, a good number of ads everyday (they are geo-targetted so this number will vary from country and there is a check control where you have to find the image upside down for get credit), there is a PPS (Pay per sign up) area with more than 100 offers that make you earn from 0.10$ to 0.50$ to signup, all free offers. There is olso de possibility to be paid for promote clicksia on your website and earn 0.0001$ for unique visit, you'll earn also the 10% of your referral's click earning and 10% on their signup earnings. They have also a good and fast Traffic Exchange section where you can earn 80% of your visits for promote whatever website or other pay to click link you want.

The upgrade cost 49.95$ for one year and give 100% of the referral's PTC earnings, 20% of their Signup Offer earnings; so very good for who have many referrals for earn more.


Pay per Ad 0.001$ to 0.01$
Min Cashout 10$
Wait Time Instant
Payout by AlertPay
Liberty Reserve
Ads +/- 10
Referrals 1 Level
Online since July 2010
Infinitybux is a quite recent bux that own to a network of PTCs, only one year but it paid a lot, more than other similar older websites. More than 250.000 members for almost 200.000$ paid; the owner also owns many other PTCs (TVIPTC, BuxSecure, PowerfulBux and others more recent for a total of 6 ptc that will be 12 in the next months), all paying good and in time, and it's going to open other websites like that.

Everyday it offers around 10 paid ads, many of these, sometimes the middle, are 0.01$ ads; this make InfinityBux a real big deal between the PTCs with really good earnings. You can also earn naturally from your referrals, a 10% of their clicks, recentely the number of direct referrals was set to 55 referrals, it could be a limit for someone but not active members will be deleted after 30 days so after a while you will have only active members in your referrals account. You can also delete also not so unprofitable referrals for 0.10$.

Very good is the instant payment by Alertpay or Liberty Reserve so no more waiting days; payment proofs can be found on the official forum where you can also find a good support to answer your questions or your doubts.

There are 3 different upgrade membership: advanced (until 3 months), advanced pro (6 months) and elite (1 year); the cost is respectively 27.95$, 49.95$ and 89.95$. The 1 year Elite membership give a maximum of 100.000 direct referrals, 100% on the referral's clicks and a minimum payout set to 1$.


Pay per Ad 0.001$ to 0.005$
Min Cashout 1$
Wait Time 7 days
Payout by PayPal
Ads +/- 15
Referrals 1 Level
Online since Febraury 2008
Incentria is the PTC sister of Clicksia, it own to the same network and have the same features. Also the support forum is the same hosted in emoneyspace.com.

It offers a good number of ads, like Clicksia, and the earnings are the same; click from 0.001$ for 10 seconds ads, 0.003$ for the one of 30 seconds. Almost the same signup offers that Clicksia give, at the moment there are 83 offers to signup since 0.10$ to 0.50$, all free. So you can start sign up to those websites and reach the 1$ payout in 5 minutes if you want, really easy!

The script is the same so also Incentria offers the Traffic exchange for surf website and earn credits for promote your favourite websites or your referral links of another ptc.

Both Incentria and Clicksia are very good PTCs, the members of Clicksia will be happy to find the same easy to use script and earn from both websites even because when you trust in a ptc owner it's very easy to believe that him next ptcs will work and will pay.

Incentria pay since more than 3 years, nothing say that it will pay in the next months also, but for sure a network of 2 ptcs that pay since 4 years ago it's much more sure than a new little ptc or a young one. Incentria have more than 250.000 members, Clicksia more than 350.000, it's a big deal, we are pretty sure the owner of these ptcs does not disappoint all this 500.000 users that give money to him business.


Pay per Ad 0.001$ to 0.01$
Min Cashout 1$
Wait Time 7 days
Payout by AlertPay
Liberty Reserve
Ads +/- 10
Referrals 1 Level
Online since May 2011
BuxSecure is one of the last ptcs started by the InfinityBux network. It offers same features as InfinityBux, same script, a good number of ads from 0.001$ to 0.01$, everyday there are an average of 5 ads of 1ct (0.01$) and this is very good for the earnings of the members.

There are same limit for referrals as in InfinityBux (55 direct referrals), the not active referrals will be deleted after 30 days so you will have always place for new active referrals. But if you need more place and no limit for your referrals you need to upgrade your account. For 89.95$ for one year you will have the Ultimate Membership that give you 100% on your referral clicks (it's 10% for standars members) and unlimited number of referrals; in this case the payout will be instantly paid when you earn 1$ (it's 10$ for standard members). Anyway the limit of payout is useless for ultimate members because they can earn very fast 1$ as 10$, maybe this can be a limit for who don't have upgrade and referrals.

As we said before, BuxSecure is a part of a network of PTCs, now there are 6 PTCs in this network but in the next month there will be 12, many people don't belive in networks that are made for pay debts of other PTC, we believe instead in this network, everything is working until now, everyone was paid, so let's earn!


Adf.ly : Short URL and earn money

We just came across Adfly recently and checked it out and it seemed like a great way to gen­er­ate leads. You can never have to many leads.

So what is AdFly?

Well there are two parts of AdFly
1) AdFly is a free URL short­ener ser­vice with a twist..
Get paid to share your links on the Internet!
Just reg­is­ter for an AdFly account and start shrinking.
You get paid for every per­son that vis­its your URLs.
Place your links on Twit­ter, forums, per­sonal web­sites and any social net­work­ing sites.
2) AdFly is also an adver­tis­ing site with very rea­son­able pricing.
All adver­tis­ing is strictly family-safe with no popups.
Fre­quent sta­tis­tics with rev­enue breakdown.
Refer users  yo AdFly and get a mas­sive 20% commission.
Many tools — Mass Shrinker, Easy Link, API
Easy-to-reach $5.00 min­i­mum payout.
How would you like 100,000 peo­ple look­ing at your cap­ture page or fan page ?
You  can get views at the price of .80-$8.00 per thou­sand views.
Pric­ing goes by World­wide or US only views. Or you can do it by Country.

So how to use AdFly

Click here and then click JOIN NOW
Cre­ate a free account
Click on Pub­lisher for the URL shortner.
Click on Adver­tiser to buy page views
Click on cre­ate cam­paign and then click on Inter­sti­tial Adverts
Fol­low the sim­ple instruc­tions by putting in your web­site name,url and how many views you want to pur­chase and what country.
You  are all set and you can click on the cam­paign and see a real time view counter.
AdFly really works! We just joined AdFly Fri­day night and when we woke up Sat­ur­day morn­ing we had over 300 opt ins to our dif­fer­ent cap­ture pages and some sign ups as well. (as of tonight Sun­day Jan 29th it’s closer to 400 total opt ins)
We are  going to con­tinue test­ing the dif­fer­ent ways to buy views by coun­try and will keep you all posted on our suc­cess with this great tool.
 You can check out AdFly for your­self by click­ing here.

Gomez Peer : Just online and earn $45 per month

Gomez Peer Zone Review:
More and more people realize that we can make extra money online, even become very rich. But to be honest, if we want to earn a lot of money online, we still need to learn some IT knowledge or technique and spend a lot of time which is very difficult for most of us. Fortunately there is a cool money making online program can give us an opportunity to enjoy earning some extra money with our PC – Gomez Peer. Once you have installed Gomez Peer on your PC, when you surf online, play game online, even when you sleep, you can get extra money from Gomez Peer Zone!

Is Gomez Peer Zone secure or not?
Absolutely safe. Gomez Peer is a secure java appliacation that runs in the background of your PC and leverages your system’s idle resources(suchas RAM, bandwidth) to test the performance of many of the world’s most popular websites, so dont need worry about your secure web account.

Is Gomez Peer Zone a Scam or not?
Absolutely not, Gomez Peer has been paid to his members for at least two years and still paying over $40,000 per month.

How can I join in Gomez Peer Zone?
Gomez Peer is 100% free to join and welcome members all over the world, what you need to do just filling a normal form include your username,and emails and so on. Please remind that your filling email address must be the same as your paypal email address, for the payment will be sent to your filling email address automately and can not be changed. You can join Gomez Peer by Clicking Here.

How can I earn money with Gomez Peer?
Once you have successfully signed up for Gomez Peer Zone, you need download a small program(click here for the official link) and runs silently in the background, then you can earn cash for every minute you PC is on and connected to the internet.

When and How can I get paid from Gomez Peer?
Gomez Peer Zone offers 2 payment options now, it is Paypal and AliPay(minimum payout $10.00) . And Payments will be processed each month, once your account balance is over $10, you will get paid in the following month.

Join Gomez Peer now :


JSS Tripler : Earn profit up to 150% + Free $10

About JSS Tripler
Basically, You Earn 2% per Day or 60% per Month! No sponsoring Requirements. Use Daily Compounding to Increase Your Earnings! Make Daily Withdrawals to Get Your Money Out! This may be one of the easiest and best ways to earn money you've ever seen!

We Regularly Apply the "Cash Acceleration Bonus" (CAB) to Speed Up Your Earnings! Sponsor People to Earn 10% Referral Bonuses on the First Level and 5% on the Second! Withdraw this Money Daily, or Use It to Further Compound and Increase Your Earnings!

The basic formula JSS-Tripler uses is to apply 80% of funds received to pay unexpired positions. This means that every position bought enables JSS-Tripler to pay 40 positions for a day. This makes "cash acceleration" possible. JSS-Tripler has a "Cash Acceleration Bonus" (CAB) feature. From time to time, JSS-Tripler uses CAB to pay extra bonuses to members.

You Can Start with Just $10 and Turn It into a Fortune!

The total cash earnings per position is $15 or 150%. The further $15 is paid in the form of JSS positions. When four of your JSS-Tripler positions have matured and earned you $15 each, you get a JSS position that pays you $60 when it cycles. This amounts to $15 per JSS-Tripler position. This is how your money is tripled. You also receive 2 free "placements" per JSS position.

All Similar Programs (Usually Called Revenue-Share Programs, Doublers, Cyclers, Autosurfs, or HYIPs) Slow Down, Stall, and Disappear. Fortunately, JSS-Tripler is Indefinitely Sustainable!

Enrich Yourself by Joining the JSS-Tripler Money Stampede!

Get 2% daily for 150% in Cycler and get another 150% in JSS Matrix when it cycled.
Think of Ad2million until the position reaches 150% ROI and it cycles out to the matrix, but you need to have 4 matured positions as an unit to move into the matrix.
This Tripler is a part of Just Been Paid(JBP), but you don't have to hold upgraded membership in JBP to buy positions in the Tripler program.
The expiration of matured positions will help the tripler stay aflot for a long time.
Every paid position will cycle 40 positions.

Each position is $10 and can compound by repurchasing with the earnings on the account.
Two level referral commission for 10% and 5%.
Minimum withdrawal is $20.

This program has launched February 17th, 2011.
You have to fund JSS Main account from your AP first, then transfer the fund to JSS-Tripler account and buy the positions.
There are many payment proofs posted on other forums from the earliest members, but I'm still repurchasing to increase daily earning.
                                                                   Join JSS - Tripler

Make money online with Neobux

Join Neobux and affirm email again log in to your annual with your username and countersign that you chose. Type in the Turing cipher to prove you are not a robot!

Add to your Favourites or Bookmark your home folio as you will be advancing actuality anniversary day.

There are consistently at atomic 4 ads (advertisements) to bang for a Standard Member, sometimes added (many added if you upgrade). The red 4 will vanish already you accept clicked your 4 ads and becoming 4 cents.

If you appointment your annual several times a day you may see addition ad to bang - a red 1 will appearance that you accept addition 1 cent ad to click. Sometimes it is a amber 1 which is for a bisected cent mini-ad. They bound ample their allocation so you may be afflicted and acquisition you are too backward for a accurate click.

Remember you can bang on the aforementioned ads already every day, so alike if you are not upgraded and accept no referrals you will get paid in 7 weeks for aloof beat 10 account anniversary day; maybe while you apprehend your emails!!

If you accept referrals (members who accept abutting Neobux beneath you) again you charge bang at atomic 4 ads anniversary day to be accustomed with your balance from those referrals.

Join Neobux Now