Senin, 23 April 2012 BOT Download is a URL shortening service which provides you money to short your long URL’s, the process for shortening is really simple you short you’re your URL by going to their website and then share your links with your friends the more you share the more you earn.
So today we have a great BOT Tool which will automate your clicks process hence getting your more clicks and enabling you to earn more money.
This BOT automatically opens your link and then click them to get your more money.

Requirements .:

  1. Proxy lists if you're going to use proxy (which is most likely)
  2. Net Frame (latest version I guess)
  3. Good computer/laptop
  4. account (If you don't have any yet, sign up at - The URL shortening service that pays you!)

How to use it .:

Increase Clicks with BOT Download1. Open it up
2. Right click and click "Add Link"
3. Copy the link and paste
4. Add more links if you want.
5. Check the box to enable proxy if you're going to use proxy
6. Load proxy lists if you're going to use proxy
7. Right click and click Start

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